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Privacy Policy

We do not publish any identifying information (e.g., name, address, place of work, email, phone number). If desired, pseudonyms will be used for interviews, your identity will be kept completely anonymous, and no one will know that you participated. If you choose to waive your right to privacy, you still maintain the right to halt, end, and amend the interview at anytime before during or after the interview session. If you waive your confidentiality, you give us, Laura Dunn & Pravina Rodriguez, the right to cite you and/or your organization by name in our study on Spiritually-based Trauma-informed Yoga

Safety and Security

There is minimal risk associated with participating. However, please note that some questions prompt you to think about traumatic experiences, which may be difficult. It is possible that these questions will cause distress or concern. Please remember that distressed or not, you can opt out at any point. Your well-being is the priority. Also, if there is anything the interviewer can do to make the conversation less difficult for you, please let us know. 


This project has been made possible through a grant from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.   We hope to publish our findings in academic journals and on this website: 



Following completion of the project your interview records and transcripts will be destroyed. 



By participating, you are helping to educate the public and are contributing to building not only a safer yoga classroom but ways to improve healing of sexual assault victims.



Your participation is completely voluntary. There is no penalty if you choose not to participate. You have the right to stop at any point. You are free to refuse to answer any questions or terminate the interview or survey at any time.  If, following the interview, you would like to amend, add to, or delete statements you have made, please contact us.