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Thank you for your interest in completing our survey on Spiritual and Trauma-Informed Yoga! In this 14-minute survey we seek to record data on 4 planes: yoga, trauma, spirituality, and resilience. First, we seek to know if a trauma informed yoga has been beneficial to survivors of sexual abuse. Second, we would like to record if there is anything within yoga that prompts practitioners to spirituality. Third, how do practitioners deal with certain spirituality related issues around yoga and what language they use to understand healing. Finally, does a trauma informed or spiritually informed yoga practice offer any extra support to survivors of sexual assault/sexual violence. If you identify as a trauma survivor and would like to contribute to our research, please click the link below to take a survey. 

Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind.

~Paṭaṇjali Yoga Sūtra I.2