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We envision a trauma-free world by turning trauma victims to victors through Spiritually based trauma-informed Yoga (SBTY). We seek to unleash the full potential of Yoga by integrating Spirituality with trauma-informed Yoga for the well being of survivors. 

As an inter-religious project, generously funded by the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, our vision is to create an inter-religious pedagogy for trauma-informed yoga classes and teacher trainings. Our intent is to develop a vocabulary and curriculum that can supplement current trauma-informed yoga methods that have up until now been primarily informed by behavioral health.

Our work acknowledges that trauma effects people of all religions, cultures, genders, and social strata. As such, the psycho-spiritual frameworks that are important to the physical practice of yoga must be framed in ways that acknowledge (1) suffering in the world and (2) cultural, gender, racial, economic, and religious diversity.

If SBTY is successful in its aim to create an inter-religious and multicultural pedagogy, we envision spiritual practices, such as yoga, to "speak" a more universal language to the world. Such a language, if possible, has the potential to heal and unite humanity.

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